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Our green investment experts?are led across the world by our senior leadership team.

Mark has been involved in structured finance and investment in energy and infrastructure projects for more than 25 years. He started his career as a lawyer in Australia and was a structured finance partner at a major Australian firm before switching to investment banking in 1997. As an investment banker he has focussed on energy and infrastructure assets in Australia and in Europe. He was head of ABN AMRO’s European Infrastructure Capital business before joining Macquarie Capital in 2005, where he has been involved in transactions in sectors including offshore wind, solar, biomass and transmission, as well as the acquisition of the Green Investment Bank in?2017.

Over his career Mark has worked on pioneering transactions in transport and social infrastructure, telecommunications infrastructure and, over the last?decade in particular, renewable?energy and transmission.? Mark is a Board Member of Green Investment Group.

Chris joined Macquarie Capital’s infrastructure team in London in 2007 and over the last 11 years he has worked across advisory and investment in PPP, renewable energy projects and infrastructure M&A.

Chris relocated from London to New York in early 2018 as Head of Green Energy for the Americas. Under Chris’ leadership the team has brought the 200 MW Canadian Breaks onshore windfarm to commercial operations, formed two new solar development partnerships with a development pipeline over 10 GW, and completed construction of the largest behind the meter battery project in North America. During his time in Europe Chris led deal teams investing into a range of sectors from solar and offshore wind, to waste to energy and biomass. The team invested more than €1.4 billion of balance sheet capital, primarily as equity, facilitating transactions in excess of €10bn on behalf of its clients.

Chris has a Masters in Civil Engineering from Imperial College and a Masters in Finance from INSEAD.?

Edward was appointed as Head of the Green Investment Group, Europe and UK on its purchase by Macquarie. He was previously the Green Investment Bank’s Head of Investment Banking where he led investment origination and execution activities.?Edward is a Board Member of Green Investment Group.

Edward has been involved in the global renewable energy industry for almost 25 years and during that time has developed and financed more than 90 renewable energy projects globally. In his early career Edward acted as a legal adviser to public and private organisations engaged in the power sector, before working in industry in various project and corporate development and fundraising roles. Prior to joining Green Investment Bank, he spent ten years as co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of an Australian based clean energy investment fund.

Ivan joined Macquarie Capital in 2006 as a part of the infrastructure team in Melbourne and from 2017, led the business as Head of the Infrastructure and Energy team in Australia & New Zealand. In 2020, Ivan was appointed as Head of the Green Investment Group for Asia-Pacific to lead GIG’s investment and development activities across the region.

Ivan’s advisory and investment experience spans the full range of infrastructure sectors from transport and utilities, to social infrastructure and renewables. Ivan holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Melbourne, and a Masters in Finance from INSEAD.

Elise has over 15 years’ experience in the investment banking sector. Since joining Macquarie in 2006, Elise has led large principal transactions across Europe. Elise’s experience comprises £10 billion of transactional activity including project development financing, equity investment alongside infrastructure funds and corporates, and debt, raising over £12 billion amongst commercial banks, institutional investors and multilaterals.

Elise is an Independent Board Director. Elise has a Magistere in Banking, Finance and Insurance, a License in Applied Economics and Economics and Management from University Paris Dauphine, and a Masters in Project Finance and Structured Finance from University Paris X Nanterre - Ecole Nationale des Pont at Chaussées.

Based in San Francisco, Greg focuses on corporate and project level investments across a wide range of energy solutions, including battery storage, microgrids, electric vehicles, distributed energy, and consumer energy.

Greg joined Green Investment Group in 2019 from Tesla, where he was Global Director of Business Development and Market Entry for Energy Products.? Greg developed commercial approaches that grew the US business that now includes a 52 MWh PV-paired battery on Kauai that enables dispatchable solar and an 80 MWh standalone battery that provides peaking capacity in Southern California. Greg also established Tesla's energy storage businesses in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and was involved in the landmark 129 MWh system in South Australia.

Philipp joined Macquarie Group in 2014 as a Director in the Business Improvement & Strategy team and led the merger integration of the UK Green Investment Bank into Macquarie Group. He transferred to Macquarie Capital in 2017 to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer for Macquarie Capital in Europe and global Co-COO for Macquarie Capital’s Infrastructure and Energy Group. The rapid growth and globalisation of the Green Investment Group led him to focus increasingly on Green Investment Group’s renewable investment activity, and in 2019 he took on the role of Chief Operating Officer for Green Investment Group.

Prior to joining Macquarie, Philipp was a Principal at strategy consultancy Bain & Company, where he was part of the Financial Services and Private Equity practices. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and a Master’s in Law from the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland.

Additional board members

Dan joined Macquarie in 1999 from Bankers’ Trust Australia and has more than 22?years investment banking experience.

Most recently Dan was Global Co-Head of Infrastructure & Energy Group and under his leadership the business has developed into the market leading financial adviser in infrastructure and also a world class developer of projects in the infrastructure and energy sectors.

Dan has held a number of other leadership positions at Macquarie. He was Head of Europe for Macquarie Capital for 4 years from 2015 and he is the Chairman of Green Investment Group after leading its acquisition by Macquarie in 2017.?He became Global Co-Head of Macquarie Capital and Global Head of Infrastructure & Energy Group in June 2019.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Melbourne and is?a Board Member of Shoreditch Trust.

Neil is the head of Macquarie Capital for Asia and the Middle East and is a member of Macquarie Capital’s global management committee. Neil leads a team of over 140 banking, investing and technical professionals located across Asia where the primary focus is the development of renewable energy assets.

Neil joined Macquarie in London in 1998 where he led the Social & Public Infrastructure team. He then moved to Singapore in 2006 to head up Infrastructure for Asia and then to Dubai to head Macquarie Capital for the Middle East in 2010. Neil returned to Singapore in 2011 where he established a Global Energy Logistics business and completed principal transactions in the midstream energy space across Europe, Asia and Australia. Neil assumed his current role in July 2018 prior to which Neil was the Head of Investments for Asia.

Neil is a Board Member of Green Investment Group and on the Asian committee of the International Project Finance Committee.

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