Two engineers in discussion
Engineers in discussion

What we do

Project delivery

Bringing renewable energy assets to life

One of the biggest challenges of the energy transition lies not in access to capital, but in creating a pipeline of investible projects.

That's why we're developing assets and delivering innovative capital structuring solutions to make projects happen; utilising our expertise from the first dollar, to the first electron and beyond.

30 GW in development

across ~280 projects globally

9 GW+ of operational projects?

supported to date with £20 bn+ committed or arranged

Active across 25+ markets

with over 450 renewable energy experts worldwide?


We bring a flexible approach to developing projects,?identifying opportunities to drive projects forward?with?partners and?through our expert in-house development?team. Our approach is to create new projects and de-risk?investment opportunities, paving the way for long term?investors and owners.?Our in-house project and portfolio?management expertise?is also available?to help manage?projects through their construction period and beyond.??

?We work with strategic partners and our portfolio companies to combine complementary skill sets which deliver successful and scalable?development outcomes.

Our portfolio companies


Savion, LLC was formed in 2019 when GIG acquired the solar and?energy storage unit of Tradewind Energy Inc., a unit of Enel Green Power North America. Savion is now one of the?largest utility-scale solar and energy storage project development?companies in the United States. With a growing portfolio of more than 11 GW, Savion’s diverse team provides comprehensive services at each phase of renewable energy project development, from conception through construction.

Read our Savion project case study
Visit Savion's website

Blueleaf Energy

Blueleaf Energy’s mission is to develop, deliver and operate safe, high quality, ethical solar projects, delivering a greener energy mix and lower power bills. Blueleaf Energy specialises in the development, finance, construction and operation of both commercial and industrial (C&I) and utility scale solar systems, across the Asia Pacific region.? Blueleaf Energy was acquired by Green Investment Group in 2018. With over 20 years of history, Blueleaf has developed, built and operated approximately 2 GW of solar capacity globally, including over 500 MW in the Asia Pacific region.

Visit Blueleaf Energy's website

Explore our development experience

Investment and Finance

The low carbon transition will require a six-fold increase in green finance. This requires an unprecedented flow of investment and finance across the capital structure.?We work with our partners, often large renewable energy developers and asset owners, to create innovative capital structuring solutions to help them create value, lower the cost of capital, attract new investors and free up capital to invest in new projects.

Our expert team, focused entirely on green finance solutions and markets, are specialists in developing innovative solutions for complex projects.?Our strong balance sheet allows us to invest directly and flexibly across the full capital structure as well as mobilising third party investment and finance.

In addition?to investing our own capital, we work closely with Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets?to mobilise third party investment and finance to accelerate the transition to a new energy mix. This management of capital on behalf of long-term investors such as pension funds and insurances companies, supports the build-out and operation of vital clean energy projects around the world.

Explore our Investment and Finance experience


Every market has its unique decarbonisation pathway and investment needs, requiring a mix of green?technologies?and financing?solutions. So we?don’t specialise in just one technology,?we have the expertise to deliver across them all.

We have significant experience in providing solutions to invest in mature technologies, at scale. But?we’re also supporting the roll out of innovative technologies that have the potential to shape the energy systems of the future, such as hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, biofuel, EVs,? hybrid projects and helping our clients generate and store their own electricity onsite.


Explore our work accross technologies

Offshore wind

Onshore wind

Energy efficiency

Waste to energy

Surveying Engineers in safety wear in solar farm
Surveying Engineers in safety wear in solar farm

Our projects and perspectives

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