How we calculate our numbers

Across this website we use a range of statistics. The purpose of this section is to provide a more detailed explanation of what those numbers mean.?

As at 31 August 2020?

£20+ billion??of capital committed or arranged:??Combining historic activity where UK?Green?Investment Bank (GIB), Green?Investment?Group (GIG) or Macquarie?Capital have?committed their own funds or arranged third-party capital and / or financing. ?

9 GW+ of operational projects?:?Combining historic activity where?UK?Green Investment Bank (GIB), GIG?or?Macquarie Capital have?contributed?equity investment or debt??to projects that have?now?entered operations.

30 GW in development?:?Includes?projects?being developed?directly by GIG or through?operating platforms. Operating platforms?are?companies?operating as operationally segregated subsidiaries of GIG or companies where GIG has entered a joint venture with another partner.??

450 renewable energy experts:??Includes?Macquarie Group employees operating under the GIG brand and?operating platform employees, as defined above.

Supported over 3 GW??of renewable energy projects with PPAs?:?Total capacity of renewable energy projects in development, construction or operation where GIG or Macquarie Capital (either directly or via operating platforms) have contributed equity investment, which is supported by power purchase agreements structured by GIG, Macquarie Capital or its operating platforms.


Green Impact -?As at 31 March 2020?

198,241 ktCO2e greenhouse gas emissions avoidance:?Total estimated?greenhouse gas?emissions avoided?over the?lifetime?of GIG’s investments to date,?which comprise?new?investments?into projects within the reporting period, retained?projects?and exited?projects?.

Equivalent to removing 2.5 million cars from the?road:?for 25 years, which is the typical lifespan of a green energy generation asset. Based on UK benchmarks

568,243 GWh??renewable energy generation:?Estimated renewable energy generation over the?lifetime?of GIG’s investments to date,?which comprise new investments into projects within the reporting period, retained projects and exited projects.??

Equivalent?to the energy consumption of 5.8 million homes:?for 25 years, which is the typical lifespan of a green energy generation asset. Based on UK benchmarks

The latest published?green impact?data can be found in our?Progress Reports.??GIG only reports estimated?green?impact for projects where GIG has?provided a binding commitment to?make a principal investment at, or?subsequent to, the project reaching?final?investment decision (FID).?

Further details of our methodology for calculating Green Impact are provided in our?Green Impact Reporting?Criteria .

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